Mauritius Diary of Events 2013

Mauritius Events & Festivals :

The vibrant cultural mix of the Mauritian population creates an interesting and varied calendar of festivals and events throughout the year. Celebrations do vary from religious festivals, Parties, and also prestigious sporting events. Port Louis the Capital city is the main host to the festivals & events for instance the Duchess of York Cup and Barbe Cup horse races.

Below are a diary of events throughout the forthcoming year.

December 2012 : Standard Bank Mauritian Open. 9th – 15th December 2012. Le Touessrok Golf Course, Ile Aux Cerfs.
Le Tousserok Golf
The Mauritian Open is staged every year and takes place at either Belle Mare Plage or Le Touessrok courses, welcoming players from the European Tour, Challenge Tour, Senior Tour & Sunshine Tour. These venues are considered a must for all golfers visiting Mauritius. Participants and their guests stay at 5* luxury World renowned La Touessrok and the brand new 5* Long beach Resort. Both professionals and amateurs from all over the world are able to compete in the Mauritian Open. It is a fine opportunity to play golf during the Mauritian summer and also meet international players. Mauritian Pro’s and amateurs also take part in this event which is made up of two competitions being a Pro-Am and the Mauritius Open itself. The Standard Bank Open is one of the main international sporting events to be held in Mauritius.

January 2013 :
Thaipoosam Cavadee. 27th January 2013.
Thaipoosam Cavadee
A very vivid and colourful festival celebrated by the Tamil community. Tourists viewing the Cavadee can expect to see such things as walking on fire to climbing up ladders of swords. Containers of milk are transported to temples by yokes decorated with floral displays.

February 2013 :
Abolition of slavery day. 1st February 2013.
A public Mauritian holiday held each year at the beginning of February.
Chinese New Year. 10th-13th February 2013.
{Held each year January/February depending on the Chinese calendar}
Mauritius Chinese New Year
Huge parties are hosted each year by the Chinese community to celebrate the beginning of the New Year. Food and fireworks play a central role in the celebrations and also the colour red.

March 2013 :
Maha Shivaratri. 10th March 2013.
Maha Shivaratri
A Hindu festival. Thousands all dressed in white and carrying arches decorated with floral displays take on a pilgrimage to the volcanic lake of Grand Bassin. When there they hold religious ceremonies, bathe statues of Lord Shiva and take holy water from the lake.
The “Great Night of Shiva” is one of the most sacred Hindu festivals to be found outside of India. Pujas which are little lights sat on banana leaves are set adrift on the lake and food sacrifices are made.
National Day {Independance Day}. 12th March 2013.
Marks the day that Mauritius gained its independence in 1968, and also became a Republic in 1992.


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For Mauritius Holidays during these festivities please call Mauritius Holidays4u on 0800 810 8202 

April 2013 :
Ougadi. 11th April 2013.
Duchess of York Cup. 2013 Date to be confirmed, for further updated details please call Mauritius Holidays4u on 0800 810 8202


Usually the opening horse race meeting of the season. Held at the Champ de Mars Racecourse in Port Louis, one of the oldest racetracks in the Southern Hemisphere.

A National holiday marking the start of the Telegu New Year!
A Hindu celebration of the new lunar calendar. This is a day when mantra’s are chanted and predictions for the New Year are made.

May 2013 :
Labour Day. 1st May 2013.
A public holiday often known as workers day.
Royal Raid. 11th May 2013.
Royal Raid Mauritius
Here’s one for your diaries! For the more energetic of you that is. The Royal raid is made up of 2 races the 80km endurance and 35km speed test – Open to Allcomers entrance fee to non-residents is 90.00euro’s or 70.00euro’s respectively.
Come and run in Mauritius! It’s only across the island – AT A RUN?
80km Endurance
– A fantastic journey via the heart of Mauritius, though tropical mountains with climbs and descents, cross rivers to reach the South coast of Mauritius. A journey of several hours for the more energetic and determined. A true sporting event. Starts at Casela Bird Park/Yemen Nature Reserve and finishes at Tamassa.
35km Speed Test – This shorter race starts at Jet Ranch and also finishes in Tamassa.

July 2013 :
Mauritius Marathon. 14th July 2013.
If you’re going to run a 26 mile marathon what better place to do it than the island of Mauritius.
Barbe Cup.  July’13 date to be confirmed.
Once again the crowds will flock back to the Champ de mars racecourse in Port Louis for this prestigious Horse racing event held annually in Mauritius.

August 2013 : 
Beach Rugby Tournament held at the Bel Ombre Beach/St Martin Beach.
This 6km long beach is found in the South of the island and is amongst the top 6 of Mauritius’ longest stretches of pristine beaches. There are also a number of great properties worth considering for your holiday situated on this beach >
Heritage Le Telfair is the main and then Tamassa resort & the Movenpick. The beach is also protected by a Coral reef and is an ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts and families with young children due to the shallow waters.

Talking of water sport enthusiasts, Kiteival is also held in August and takes place at various venues around the island, this is an amazing event to witness, colourful kite surfers showing off their skills on the waves.


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